DidaWho am I?


I'm Dida, a portuguese storyteller, based in Lisbon, Portugal.


We live on memories. There are such special days that we want to take advantage of and record, because keeping it in memory is not enough. I tell your memories through my eyes.


I discovered photography in 2011/12, I was 16 years old. It all started with a special Christmas gift that my father offered me, a camera! I didn't know it yet, but my dad... opened a window on this future that became the passion of my life.


I started full of energy! I photographed, and learned on the field alone and with the best. Many events and photoshoots later, I began to photograph weddings and never stopped!

Now, with my brand created and a few years of experience later, I present myself as a storyteller by images, because I believe that each photograph tells a small part of someone's life. It is such a special job!


I always follow my emotions and sensations and this is reflected in my work!

I love long relationships with my couples, families and brands. Nothing is better than following everything from the beginning. One day I will meet you and when that day comes, it will be magical to be able to write your book in images.


See you soon.